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Affordable Lighting & Additional Services (Uplighting, Custom Digital Gobos, Cold Spark Fountains, Dancing On A Cloud, Cafe Style Globe Lighting, Karaoke, Trivia & More)

Welcome to our Lighting & Additional Services page.  Here you'll find some items that can be booked individually & others that can be added to your entertainment package.  Many of them are included at a strong discount in our package deals.  Please navigate our site through the menu above to view our many options.  We also offer a 10% package discount for combined services (DJ, Photo Booth and/or Uplighting).  Click on the "Contact Us" button in the menu above to inquire about pricing on individual services.

Uplighting at a wedding
Elegant Uplighting

Uplights enhance your venue!

Add another dimension with our superior Uplighting.  Uplight rental pricing depends upon quantity & options chosen - starting as low as $30 per fixture in package deal pricing. 

Uplighting can be used to add a subtle elegance to your wedding reception, party or corporate event; having the lighting complement the room, but not allowing it to distract. You can, also, have our lighting technician DMX the fixtures allowing them to change colors and add energy, excitement and a true light show to create the perfect visual atmosphere for your special day.  We use the highest quality fixtures, that have a brilliant display, to alter the look & feel of your venue.  We  like to call it the "Wow Factor"...when your guests enter the room, they say "Wow, that's beautiful"!  Click on the "Uplighting Button" at the bottom of the page to view our fixtures.

Custom Gobo
Custom GOBO Lighting

A special touch that is uniquely elegant

*DIGITAL: $300 when added to package

*DIGITAL COLOR: $350 when added to package

*ANIMATED: $400 when added to package

*Add $100 if booked as an individual service

A Monogram or "gobo" accents your event with a personalized touch.  You can proudly display your name(s), initial(s), date or type of event to highlight your special occasion.  The image can be displayed on the dance floor, wall or even a curtain.  It can be placed anywhere that you feel will best suit your needs.  We feature digital, digital color or Animated  gobo/monogram designs.  OUR DIGITAL GOBOS HAVE HIGH DEFINITION AND CLARITY!  Set your occasion apart from ALL others with a unique monogram created just for you!  Click on the "Digital Gobo Button" at the bottom of the page to view samples.  Mobile device users must click on the "filter" tab to view options.

Dancing On A Cloud Effect

Dancing On A Cloud

Enhance your "spotlight" moment with this amazing special effect!

You'll get the most amazing pictures for only $300 when added to your package or $400 when booked as an individual service

Cold Spark Fountains

This amazing effect gives the illusion of having indoor fireworks to amaze your guests during several special moments.

They're completely safe with absolutely no heat or real spark involved.  You'll get three planned 20-30 second blasts with 6 units - $1,500, 4 units - $1,100 or 2 units - $600.

Create a "WOW" factor that makes it look like you're dancing on a cloud!  Separate your event from others with this effect & have unique, and amazing, pictures .  It's low lying fog created with dry ice, using a Chauvet Nimbus, so it won't set off any fire alarms or leave any residue.

This effect will truly set yours apart from all others!  Our "Cold Spark" effect includes 20-30 second blasts for a private intimate picture, introductions OR 1st dance & several short blasts during the 1st dancing set.  Create wonderful memories and capture amazing pictures!  We recommend using this in conjunction with "Dancing On A Cloud" to create a breathtaking experience.

Cafe Style Globe String Lighting

Cafe Style Globe Lighting

Tasteful & Stylish lighting that adds a different dimension to your venue!

$600 when added to your package. $800 when booked as an individual service

132 inch projections screens on the floor level with amber uplighting in the background

Projector & Screen

For that special video presentation on a screen large enough for all to see!

$250 when added to your package. $350 when booked as an individual service

Add a gorgeous outdoor look & feel to an indoor venue or a wonderful theme to an outdoor event.  They're also great for tent receptions and add both elegance & illumination to evening affairs.  Our globe lighting is dimmable to create a variety of moods.  Pricing includes all labor fees for set up and break down.

LED Inflatable Tunnel (Deptford High School Homecoming)

Inflatable Entrance Tunnel

For amazing wedding intros, or sports themed entrances, with LED Lighting!

$400 when added to your package.  $500 when booked as an individual service

If you're really looking for something different to set your event apart from all others, our LED Inflatable Tunnel will do the trick!  Pricing includes six (6) LED bars & all labor fees for set up & break down.  It's 20' long, 7' high & 8' wide!

Our 132" diagonal screen is large enough for all of your guests to view.  It's assembled on site & can be placed at the best vantage point for your venue.  Our projector is capable of front, or rear, projection providing set up options to best suit your needs.  Your slide show or special presentation will have a larger impact with our dynamic display!

Party Enhancer

Party Motivators

Encourage guest involvement & learn the latest dances with our experienced dance team!

$300 each when added to your package

Let our experienced dance team interact with your guests, teach the latest dances & motivate everyone on the dance floor.  Our dancers will engage your entire group and have them dancing like pros!

Karaoke Logo
Trivia logo

Karaoke & Trivia

For parties & bars featuring customized weekly trivia shows & over 90,000 karaoke tracks!


$125 if added to your entertainment package. Bar rate: Trivia Show [2 hours] $150 & Karaoke $50 per hour

Karaoke and trivia are available for all occasions.  We offer an extensive selection of digital Karaoke songs which can be viewed online @  Just enter TPKaraoke for the songbook name to view our selection.


We, also, develop weekly trivia shows to engage crowds of all ages.  It's a great opportunity for restaurant & tavern owners to entice their customers each week.  Please come & visit us at our weekly locations.

Party Props logo

Party Props

Encourage guest interaction with a variety of items used to enhance the dancing experience!


Basic package $150 [props returned] & Deluxe Package $300 [props allowed to be taken by guests]

Add Party Props to your event. They're fun to use & help to get the party going. The props are themed with specific songs to pack the dance floor & energize the room.  Have your guests in a Conga Line with maracas & sombreros or look like the Village People while dancing to Y.M.C.A.  Your guests will love them!

The party props are completely separate from our photo booth props which are used to enhance the photo booth experience.


Each of our additional items will enhance your affair by providing that "something extra" that you're looking for.  We're happy to do whatever you'd like & no request is too large to handle.

We're proud to offer the finest quality lighting fixtures available.  Not all lighting is the same!  Ours WILL give you the "WOW" factor that you're looking for!

*Listed prices are for local events only.