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Photo Booth FAQ's

You've got questions, we've got the answers! If you have a question about our Photo Booth Lounge, please call us @ (856) 227-6696 or send an email to


Q: I saw a less expensive booth listed on the internet. Why should I choose yours?


Here's a few good reasons:

1.  Many of the less expensive booths are smaller than ours.  Smaller sized booths will NOT accommodate the same amount of people as ours will.  Also, some vendors claim to have a photo booth but only set up a camera & backdrop with no enclosure.  That's known as an "open air" photo booth.  Open air booths, typically, don't generate the interest of an enclosed booth as people are less inclined to "let loose" with all eyes upon them.

2.  Many companies only provide 2 photo strips per session.  When they provide a scrap book, they only hand out 1 of the strips to the people who used the booth.  In that scenario, not all of the guests who go into the booth will get their own photo strip.  Those who don't get one have to go back into the booth again.  That wastes time that you're paying for & saves the photo booth company in paper costs.


3.  We use professional equipment resulting in a high quality finished product.  Also, we use premium photo paper.  Many other companies use home printers with paper at a much lower cost.  They take longer to print & waste additional time while your guests are waiting for their strips.  Our Dye-Sublimation printers print 2 strips every 10 seconds and display the finest images available on the market today.

4.  Our online gallery is included with every booth that we provide.  Within five (5) business days following your event, you'll have access to all of the pictures taken.  The gallery will contain both the photo strips & individual pictures, taken in each strip, which you'll be able to download free of charge.

5.  Our booth has no hidden costs.  Other companies charge extra for additional prints, props & an online gallery/DVD of all pictures.  In addition, many internet "deals" have a disclaimer whereby the photo booth provider may cancel services with 24 hr. notification.  We have had many clients reach out to us, in a panic, following their cancellation.  Our goal is complete satisfaction.

Q: Why should I choose your "Super Shots" Photo Booth over a professional photographer's photo booth?


A: The key factors in deciding on your photo booth are the quality of the finished product, appearance of the booth & value for the services rendered. A professional photographer is not actually taking pictures in the booth.  Modern photo booths run on computerized software.  As long as the equipment is top notch, you'll receive an amazing photo strip. Our system provides the highest quality product. Let our trained attendants guide you through an incerdible experience.



Q: Why should I rent a fabric/inflatable booth as opposed to the "classic" old style Photo Booth?

A: The "classic" booth is often seen at public venues such as malls, amusement parks & boardwalks. Their components cannot easily be replaced in the event of damage or malfunction. Our equipment is easily replaced.  Also, classic booths are much smaller, cannot accommodate more then 2 people & are not handicap accessible. Our Photo Booths can handle 16 + guests.


Q: Why do you provide 2 booth attendants while some other companies only have 1?

A: Many companies only provide 1 attendant with their booth. We provide 2 attendants with our standard packages.  One booth attendant cannot be as efficient as two.  We dedicate one attendant for the inside of the booth to set the number of strips, organize the guests, zoom in/out for each session & provide instruction.  The 2nd attendant runs the computer, hands out the photo strips to each guest & handles scrap book responsibilities for clients who purchase a scrap book. Should one attendant need to leave, for any reason, the booth is never left unattended & you will  have 100% continuous service.

Q: What type of equipment do you use in your Booth?

A: We use Professional grade equipment starting with Cannon DSLR series cameras, Hiti P510L Die Sublimation printers, laptop computers (Windows 7 & 8 OS) &  HP touch screen monitors inside our of booths.  Quality equipment creates a professional finished product!


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